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We are disrupting the eCommerce industry. Your ShopConnect features a bevy of tools to automate and simplify your movement to next generation retail.

Out of the box Your ShopConnect as a solution gives you a eCommerce website & mobile application. Both of these shop-front are integrated with payment gateway and shipping solution hence we get the big problems tackled from the get go.

Our Features
Shipping Integrated

No hunting for cheapest and fastest courier service.

Quick setup

Get your shop's website & mobile application ready in no time.

Payment Setup

We collect payment on your behalf and pay you every Monday.

Inventory Management

Our ecosystem allows visibility and access to all our members inventory for free.

  • Website on Desktop
  • Mobile Ready
  • Control Panel
  • Product Uploads
  • End to End Solution
  • Complete Ecommerce Solution


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End2End Solution

90 days trial period, 3 year commitment.

Rs. 30 *
per transaction

* GST applicable.

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Your ShopConnect provides solution through design, integration and automation allowing collaborating community to evolve.

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